HGTV and reality

Without fail in my conversations with folks about my work, someone asks, “I bet you love HGTV”.  Well, it’s time for a confession:  It’s not that I don’t love it.  It’s that I don’t have time to watch it.  However, several weeks ago, I found myself home with fever, chills and watched two whole days of HGTV.  I finally can offer some commentary.

My favorite HGTV show is Rehab Addict.  I love that and will admit that I’ve watched it for several years.  I love old houses.  I love that she repairs homes as best she can in keeping with the historic properties of the home.  I love how thrifty she is, but nothing looks cheap when she finishes it.  It has been interesting to watch her career as the show progresses.  In the beginning, she worked with an investor.  Lately, she has purchased properties that had been condemned by local governments and done the work seemingly on her own.

Fixer Upper.  This is a great show.  Joanna clearly has creativity and vision to see the potential in some of the homes they show their clients.  This is a show where you can see the vast difference in home prices here and there.  When the purchasers buy the house (remodel and all), do they buy the furniture and staging too?  I didn’t understand that and can’t find anything on the website that might clarify that point for me.

Property Brothers.  I like this show but struggle with the fact that they only renovate one area of the house.  I would have a hard time living in a house with a great, over the top, kitchen but really awful bedrooms and bathrooms.  And, sometimes the outside of the house looks gross.  I can’t get past it.

Love it or List it.  I had nightmares after watching this show and the hosts/stars totally and completely grate on my nerves.  Every homeowner featured need to spend about $200 for a roll off dumpster and clear the clutter and trash out of their home.  That relatively small outlay of cash would save them thousands of dollars in the long run. Additionally, these homeowners would benefit from an interior decorator before considering a move or remodel.  Most of them have overdone it with IKEA furniture (all things in moderation) and it shows in their decor.  Each episode has at least two predictable structural and/or system problems (foundation, roof, water leak, HVAC issues) which eat away at the remodel budget.  The remodel budget is never enough and these homeowners are ridiculously cheap.  Yes.  I would love to remodel my kitchen, baths, add a master closet and redo His Lordship’s man cave all for $50,000. It’s just not possible.  And, my last gripe about this show:  the homeowners whine.

Flip or Flop:  The husband/wife duo purchase homes at auction to flip them.  These homes seem to be in good neighborhoods.  The Flippers really don’t know much about the homes they purchase until AFTER they own it which makes for an interesting remodel.  There are occasional problems, but they aren’t predictable.  The homes are typically in higher end neighborhoods so the level of finish in the houses really well done.

I have to say that I am glad I don’t have time to watch TV all day.  It would lose my mind.  But I was glad to be somewhat entertained while I fought off some awful cold/fever/infection thing.  And, I am glad to be feeling better.  And, his Lordship is glad I am feeling better as well.  Two days of packing lunches, ironing uniforms, and carpooling wasn’t quite what he planned–but he certainly appreciates me more!

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